The Importance of a Good Handshake..And How to Do It.

They say that first impressions count for a lot and this is undoubtedly true. The impression you give of yourself, good or bad, in an initial interaction can persist…sometimes for a life time. One way you can make a great first impression is with a good handshake…but what elements make ‘a good handshake’? And why do we shake hands anyway?

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Self-Confidence & Self-Efficacy

A gentleman needs self-confidence. Understanding what makes someone a gentleman, such as knowing what constitutes good manners, knowing a few things about etiquette…all fades into insignificance if you can’t carry it off with a positive flair. If we want to be successful in our endeavors, and in life in general, self-confidence is an important factor. But…

What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is a general term that encompasses a number of different elements. By understanding these elements we can, hopefully, find ways to improve it. 

One thing to be aware of is that it’s not quite the same thing as self-esteem, which is more to do with how we feel about ourselves at a general level; how much positive regard and respect we have for ourselves. 

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