The Subtle Art of Conversation – 7 Tips for Better Communication

Without doubt, the ability to communicate well with others is one of the most important skills that we can poses, and developing these skills can bring great rewards, both for personal and professional reasons.

We revere great orators and teachers. We gravitate towards people who are good conversationalists, and communication skills are often top of the list of what employers look for most in a new employee.

With this in mind, I’ve been looking at some of the ways we can try to improve this.

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The Importance of a Good Handshake..And How to Do It.

They say that first impressions count for a lot and this is undoubtedly true. The impression you give of yourself, good or bad, in an initial interaction can persist…sometimes for a life time. One way you can make a great first impression is with a good handshake…but what elements make ‘a good handshake’? And why do we shake hands anyway?

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Manners…The Essence of A Gentleman (and Why They’re Still Important).

Ask yourself the following question – can a man still be called a gentleman without money? Without status? How about without good manners?

I’ve asked this question often, and always seem to get the same response – if you want to be treated like a gentleman, good manners are essential – hence why I felt it important to write a post about this.

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What is Chivalry?

During discussions I’ve had regarding what it is to be a gentleman, the term ‘chivalry’ often arises. It seems to be a word with a mixed meaning, that is quite hard to pin down.

In more recent times, the term has been used in relation to courtship. A form of etiquette where the man takes the lead by, for example, holding the door open for the lady, paying the bill at a restaurant, and walking her to her door after a date. Whilst some exclaim ‘chivalry is dead!’ implying that men no longer know how to act in this manner, others have argued that the term, and the behaviours associated with it, are outdated.  Read more

Tea Anyone?

Nothing says ‘Great British’ quite like a cup of tea. The British love it! According to the UK Tea and Infusions Association we drink approximately 165 million cups a day!  

My Nan seasoned me on pots full of the stuff. The sort of tea so strong you could stand a spoon up in it.   

Although I’ve always been a tea drinker, for me it’s just something I bought in a supermarket, but I know it’s far more than that. Read more